Aussie underwear company re-inventing men’s undies with ‘gamechanging’ Kanga Pouch Technology.

Born in a Bondi beachside sharehouse, SPARX Underwear is making waves in the underwear market with the “comfiest undies known to man.”


 Men who have a hard time finding comfortable undies are now in luck thanks to SPARX Underwear and their innovative Kanga Pouch Technology.

The Aussie underwear company is revolutionising men’s underwear with a cleverly designed pouch that acts as “a bra for men” and “keeps your joeys high and dry.”

 Frustrated by years of uncomfortable underwear experiences and a lack of options on the market, SPARX Underwear’s founder, Patrick Psotka, set about designing a pair of undies that would provide men with “comfort down under.” 

“I was fed up of wearing underwear that would constantly ride up and cause chafing,” Patrick said.

“It got to the point where I’d had enough, but I couldn’t find any undies that were actually comfortable to wear so I started thinking about coming up with my own design.”


So, while living in a Bondi sharehouse and working as a Deliveroo bicycle rider to save up cash, Patrick started SPARX Underwear from his bedroom.

“I was cycling around delivering food to people and I remember thinking to myself, ‘surely I’m not the only guy out there whose nuts are getting crushed by their undies?’”

He wasn’t wrong…

I managed to sell a couple of pairs in the first hour which was cool, but what stuck with me was how many guys were coming up and saying ‘Yeah I know what you mean, I can’t find any undies that are comfy either,’ or ‘I’m constantly having to adjust and pick out wedgies all day too.’”

“That’s when I realised just how big an opportunity I had with SPARX and I decided to really go for it,” Patrick said.

And go for it he certainly did!

Fast forward 4 years and Patrick has gone from packing orders himself in his cramped bedroom to using a full-scale fulfilment centre to handle over 500 orders a day.

“It’s been crazy,” Patrick said.

“I hired a friend during COVID to help pack orders and rented out a garage as somewhere to keep all the stock, but we outgrew that pretty quickly.”

“Now, on a good day we’re selling over 500 pairs of SPARX which is just incredible,” he said.


 So what’s next for SPARX Underwear?

“We’ve already expanded into New Zealand and things have really taken off there too,” Patrick said.

“Next up we want to break into the European market and we’re working on some exciting things behind the scenes, so hopefully we’ll have more to share by the end of 2023.”

There we have it, if you hadn’t heard of SPARX Underwear already, you certainly have now — go ahead and give them a try by heading to now!